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Drinking Water & Sewage Connection

  1. Establishment of wiring, public utility declaration, network expansion
The operation of water supply and sewerage networks is closely related to the core activity of our company. Within the framework of this task, we also perform the technical administration tasks of the systems. This includes arranging the administration and physical construction of connecting to existing networks, the construction or building, and authorization of new network sections if necessary, the installation of auxiliary watermeters and auxiliary watermeters for irrigation, and the issuing of public utility declarations.
  1. Consultation
For those partners who are not / have not yet been in contact with our Company and do not have adequate knowledge regarding the construction and licensing of water public utilities, we are available for prior consultation. For the consultation, we provide our customers with technical administrator at each of our plant units.
We would like to support our partners who have been in contact with our Company before and are familiar with the administration process - in order to ensure a smoother administration – by designing our website properly. Of course, plant unit administrations are also available for them for consultation.
  1. Network expansion
The supply of water utilities to those properties in the vicinity of which (on a lot which is either part of public land or the property of others, and it is in the neighborhood of the property in quetion) there is no header pipe or main channel suitable for connecting off can only be carried out by implementing a network extension. The professionals of our Company provide information on the supply of water to the given area or property in the framework of technical consultation. In order to establish a network extension, it is necessary to submit a plan prepared by an authorized designer together with an individually prepared request to the Department of Operations (Üzemviteli Osztály) of our Company. The design documentations to be submitted to our Company should be assembled based on No. 3. appendix of 41/2017. (XII.29.) BM order on the content of the documentation required for the water procedure of permitting of water rights. Our Company issues a service provider's consent to the design documentation with the appropriate content. The permitting plan must then be submitted to the Directorate of Disaster Management of Fejér County in order to obtain a water rights establishment permit.
  1. Wiring
At our Company it is necessary to initiate the administration related to drinking water and/or wastewater wiring with a statement of claim.
4.1. For the administration of the establishment of drinking water and/or waste water wiring, it is necessary to fill in the statement of claim form F 0704-20 in case of residential use, F 0704-21 in case of non-residential use, and to attach the supplements indicated on the form.
4.2. For the administration of the installation of an auxiliary watermeter, it is necessary to submit the statement of claim form F 0704-22 in case of residential use, and F 0704-23 in case of non-residential use.
4.3. For the administration of the installation of an auxiliary watermeter for irrigation, the statement of claim form F 0704-24 must be submitted in the case of residential use, and F 0704-25 in the case of non-residential use.
The completed statement of claim form, supplied with the necessary attachments, must be submitted to our regionally responsible plant unit for residential use, and to the Department of Operations of our company for non-residential use.
Following the statement of claim concerning the water utility connections, the applicants will be informed about the technical conditions of the feasibility of the required connections and the circumstances of the submission of the design documentation for the required connection by sending a so-called notification letter.
In case you are a current or future non-residential user of ours, and are installing a new water connection or sewer connection, or planning on an expansion or on a change of other kind of your existing site, which may involve changing your water demand, you must pay a water utility development contribution. The rate of the water utility development contribution is currently 100.000,- HUF + VAT for 1 m3/day of drinking water demand, and 150.000,- HUF + VAT for 1 m3/day of wastewater to be discharged. The amount to be paid will be determined based on the planned water demand. By paying the water utility development contribution, our non-residential user acquires a quota (contingent) for the use of drinking water, sewage channel and treatment, up to the extent of which the user becomes entitled to use water utility services. Our company regularly compares the acquired entitlement with the actual consumption. If the actual consumption exceeds the quota (contingent) quantity, we draw the attention of our user to the need to increase the quota.
  1. Authorization
Taking into account the possibilities indicated in the Notice, the plan of the wiring of the water utility prepared with the content stated in the 5th supplement of 58/2013. (II.27.) Government decree must be submitted within 60 days by the authorized designer. After the assessment of the plan, our Company gives the service provider's contribution to the suitable design documentation within the term provided by law.
  1. Construction
Based on the approved plans (in the case of a water rights establishment permit plan, a final water rights permit), the planned facility can be built. The installation works of the water utility connections are carried out by our Company or the contractor appointed by us on the basis of a written order, but the contractor with the right of construction and listed in the register of plumbers can also be charged with carrying out the connection works. Connections to the drinking water pipes operated by our Company may only be made by our regionally responsible plant.
Prior to the commencement of construction, it is also necessary to obtain other permits (eg a public demolition permit), which is in all cases the responsibility of the investor or builder. The prepared facility must not deviate from the approved plan. If, due to unforeseen circumstances during the construction, it is necessary to deviate from the plan, one must contact our Company and make a plan modification. In other cases, our Company refuses the technical acceptance of the prepared facility!
  1. Startup and transfer of property law
The completed utility, connection, measuring point, etc. - if it was built according to the approved plans - will be accepted in technical terms by our Company. The technical acceptance procedure has an exact content description, which can be found at any of our Company's sites. We provide accurate information on the terms and conditions of the technical handover-acceptance procedure in our customer services and downloadable brochures.
The completed facilities must be transferred to the ownership of the local government in accordance with the provisions of law CCIX of 2011 on water utility services. The transfer of property law can be initiated by filling in the forms F 0704-16 for the main network water utilities completed with the network extension, and F 0704-15 for the drinking water and sewage connection pipelines at the competent local government. Our company can put the water utilities into operation if they have been taken over by the local government and handed over to our Company for operation.
8. Consumption, payment of fees
Our company enters into a public service or auxiliary service contract for the completed, technically accepted water and/or wastewater connection put into operation, built-in auxiliary water meter, on the basis of which we invoice the value of our service at regular intervals. The main activity of our company is water supply, sewage disposal and treatment, therefore, if we do not get the value of our work, the safe supply of water utilities may be in danger in a significant part of Veszprém county. We kindly ask our partners not to forget to pay the fee in order to make our Company able to maintain a safe supply of healthy, high-quality, clean drinking water.
9. Utility Declarations
Our Company issues a utility declaration for a building-, commissioning-, site-, perpetuance- or operating permit. If you are our current or future non-residential user, we will issue the statement at the headquarters of BAKONYKARSZT Zrt., if you are our current or future residential user, at our regionally responsible technical customer services. You can find the contact details of the regionally responsible technical customer services under the Customer Service menu item.
9.1. Utility declaration for building permit
To issue a utility declaration for a building permit, you must fill in data collection form F 0704-03, which can be downloaded here, and attach a copy of the map of the property in question. If our non-residential user wishes to establish a site, it is necessary to specify the exact activity to be performed at the site and to provide a statistical classification number. If you are installing a technology manufacturing process, a brief description of this is also required. The utility declaration will be mailed to the address provided.
9.2. Utility declaration for commissioning, site, continuance and operating permit
If you require the utility declaration required for a permit for commissioning, site, continuance or operation for your real estate or premises with an existing connection, the F 0704-04 must be filled out and can be downloaded here. In the case of a residential user, the completed data sheets must be submitted to our regional responsible customer service. Completed forms must be submitted to our central customer service for non-residential users.